A Path out of the Pandemic

President Biden has been clear that vaccinations are the best tool in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. At the start of the year, only 34% of adult Americans were eager to get vaccinated. Today, 78% of adults have at least their first shot. Overall, more than 185 million Americans are fully vaccinated—up from just 2 million when the President took office. The unprecedented pace of the President’s vaccination campaign saved over 100,000 lives and prevented 450,000 hospitalizations.

This is significant progress, but after months of education and incentives, additional actions needed to be taken in order to reach the tens of millions of people who remained unvaccinated. The President laid out a six-part plan to accelerate our path out of the pandemic and announced vaccination requirements that in total will cover approximately 100 million people.

Vaccination requirements result in more people vaccinated and save lives.
• Vaccination requirements have increased vaccination rates by 20+ percentage points to over 90% in many organizations.
• Vaccination requirements have already helped cut the rate of unvaccinated Americans by one-third.

Vaccination requirements are good for the economy.
• Increasing vaccination rates could return up to 5 million workers to the labor force.
• Higher vaccination rates lead to lower COVID-19 rates and a stronger economy.

Vaccination requirements are becoming the standard across all sectors and have broad public support.
• More than 3,500 organizations have already stepped up to require vaccinations, and thousands more will require vaccinations in the weeks ahead.
• Businesses, labor unions, workers, and a majority of the public support vaccination requirements.

Read the Vaccination Requirements Report at WhiteHouse.gov.

Read President Biden’s COVID-19 Action Plan at WhiteHouse.gov.