Just Say NO to Judicial Districts

Judges on our state Supreme, Commonwealth, and Superior Courts make decisions that apply to all Pennsylvanians. These judges are elected statewide, which makes sense.

In 2020, the PA General Assembly passed House Bill 196, step 1 of a constitutional amendment to create judicial districts. The new bill is HB 38; if it passes early in 2021, it could go to a public vote as soon as the primary in May.

A judicial district amendment would undermine the constitutional checks and balances in the 3 branches of state government by giving the legislature control of the courts. This is bad for all Pennsylvanians. The bill was pushed through without public hearings or expert testimony.

Fair Districts PA and other groups statewide are working on a plan to stop this. Join DART’s monthly meeting on Sunday, February 7 at 2:00pm for a presentation by Fair Districts PA and learn more about the consequences of judicial districts.